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1. Who are the owners of punggol.sg? or who setup punggol.sg?

The domain punggol.sg was registered by Xssist Group Pte Ltd on 07 Feb 2005. The website www.punggol.sg was ready in July 06. All operators of the forum are also residents of Punggol.

2. What is the objective of punggol.sg?

Punggol.sg provides benefits to all participants as represented in the following chart:

3. Is punggol.sg linked to RC, CCC, Government etc?

No, punggol.sg is owned and operated privately. It is a "commercial" venture. Which means, the company (Xssist) will put in money into the website, and hope for the website to pay for itself sometime in the next decade.

4. Why not non profit? You can get funding and get volunteers.

The website and forum should remain neutral.

Server equipment, bandwidth, software, system administration will be provided by Xssist, and costs recovered by advertising. i.e. Forum is owned and operated commercially.

Events, meetups, special interest groups should be separate from the forum. Funding and volunteers can then be obtained for the events, if they are organized along charity or non profit lines. If the groups grow big, the way forward would be to register as societies or co-op.

5. What can I do for punggol.sg?

If you operate a business in Punggol, advertise with us. If you like to chat, post more. Content and communication is what punggol.sg is about, and every single message posted counts. If you like to read, and not post, that's great for punggol.sg as well. You are part of our "eye-ball", and we will sell advertising based on the fact that punggol people are looking at the website, and the advertisements.

6. What do I get from punggol.sg?

You get to read about what's going on around Punggol. What your neighbours think. You get to communicate your views. You get to advertise your business (if you pay us). You get to announce your events.

7. What are the meetup sessions about? BBQ, bowling, mid-autumn etc.

Xssist/ Punggol.sg do not organize events. Forummers do organize events, and as far as possible, we do support or sponsor the events. However, any activity outside of the forum is not overseen by Xssist/ Punggol.sg.

Punggol.sg provides a means to communicate. We advertise to punggol residents, and gather people in this forum. This allows a good way to organise events, and forummers have taken the step to organise events to get to know each other outside of the virtual environment. The ownership of each event is with the forummers who have taken the initiative to organise the event.

Organisers should state clearly the objectives of the events; and obtain clearances and licenses from police and other agencies where applicable.

8. Do I have to join the meetup sessions to be part of punggol.sg?

Of course not. Punggol.sg is virtual. We want you to be yourself. If you want to meet forummers, please organize your own event. If you do not want to meet forummers outside of the forum, please do not be pressured to join. If you feel harrassed to join any event, please report the event and organiser to us. One of the main advantages of the forum is you do not need to meet anyone, and still be able to communicate. You can be anonymous, and never meet. Many of our active forummers do not meet at all. Even without registering for an account, you are our eye-balls, and a valuable and very much welcomed part of punggol.sg

9. Is there a political bias to punggol.sg?

Residents who join punggol.sg have political views, and are pro this and anti that. As far as possible, operators of Punggol.sg do not moderate messages that are posted. People air their views, and that's mostly good. If you are harrassed or discriminated against, please report to us.

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