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Author Topic: Speed Camera Along Junctions Punggol East and Sengkang East Dr  (Read 6270 times)
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« on: January 27, 2010, 07:05:30 PM »


Have anyone complained to SPF with regards to speedsters issues in Punggol? Wrote to TC and SPF separately appealing to the traffic conditions here.  Nothing has improved.  Is the the kind of Punggol 21 we should be expecting? I saw the post on "Fatal Road Accident at Punggol", most comments talked about jay walking. But is it a hit-and-run issue, what are the cameras? Had there being any closure since the publication?  I have even offered photos, videos to the SPF with regards to traffic conditions but they are not interested at all! TC simply forwarded my emails to SPF and close case.  Most of us are public transport users, even motorists do not stay in their car 24x7.  You educated me to use the road the right way, I did my parts like most residents.  I have never needed to stop crossing a junction halfway and need to look on all sides of the junctions, make sure it is truly safe to cross over.  On 25 Jan, 2009, I was walking along Punggol Dr towards Blk 600+ Kopitiam.  As cautious as I can be at the Junction, car owner SGX 5059J was speeding in from Punggol East on the right-most lane.  We are moving on different directions, the middle-age man actually braked his car (remember, he is always the right most lane), without signals, make a 90 degree left turn towards me while I was crossing the road. He was only one metre away from me.  I tracked him turning left to the 638+ estate.  My feel is the SPF is licensing these motorists to abuse the roads, at residents' expenses.  Punggol is growing, so is the population.  SPF and TC, what do expect me to do? Call the police? Where are the camera? Can SPF take the case based on what I stated? TC, where are the follow-up? I worked in TC before under current ALJunied MP Cynthia Phua. So I know the system well because of her.  Cynthia is an MP who truly care for the people.  Fixing cameras aren't rocket science. If costs is the major concerns, we residents are doomed. More casualties forseenable. This is not the leadership we want. Rename it PUNGGOL 21 BC! Bo Chap!


rachael wong

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« Reply #1 on: June 01, 2010, 05:34:47 PM »

I chanced upon this website revealing the locations of the KPE speed cameras with photos to illustrate how to look out for them. http://www.bestquote.sg/News/index.html

The reported locations of the speed cameras are very accurate.  And I have been travelling at 90-100 km/h at stretches without cameras for the past 1+ month and never kena speeding ticket.


Hope this helps all bros here.  Cheers!



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« Reply #2 on: July 13, 2010, 09:23:46 AM »

Most Singaporean drivers arent aware of the
dangers of speeding.

I have been involved in near death accidents
before and have since given up driving.


Because while most of our drivers feel good
about speeding, these people do not understand
that unless you have good skills in handling any
emergency braking on the roads, you can get killed
if you dont know how.

Braking a car to avoid any accident, at even 50 kmh, needs
alot of training and practice.  Unless you are good at it, better
not to speed.

Afterall, no matter how fast you go, in Singapore, you will
need to stop at the many traffic lights in our roads.  You dont
gain time or distance just by speeding.

Its ok to die in an accident if you are driving alone, but
to kill your passengers or other road users and live
with that knowledge is worst than death.

Most Singaporean drivers, to me, are  very dangerous and
careless on the roads, especially in the expressways. mad
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